Production process, from design to delivery

01—Production and delivery times

Our production process is set up in a way that easily moulds around your supply chain.

It starts with understanding your needs

Before we even start talking about the design and the specifications of the packaging, our team will sit down with you and go through the basics — your brand, your product, your needs and market opportunities.

Our goal is to understand what makes your business and your products tick and what makes them unique, so that we could propose packaging concepts that will help you differentiate from the competition.

One of a kind design for your products

Once we define your needs, our designers and engineers will help you design the right packaging for your products. Together you'll go over all of the different aspects — from the style, thickness, strength and volume to specialised features like custom neck shapes, handles and label placement.

You'll get to see your packaging designs in 3D models that'll give you a real representation of what your products will look like inside the packaging. Before starting a large-scale production, we can also create a pilot mould that will allow us to introduce the product on the market in small quantities and gather feedback.

Splashing some colour on it

To make your products stand out on the shelves, all of the PET bottles, jars and closures we manufacture can be coated with various types of eco-friendly colours and specialised additives.

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02—Moulds and raw materials

Top quality custom moulds

Because the quality of the mould affects the quality of the final packaging, we partnered with a leading European manufacturer and supplier of premium custom moulds.

This partnership not only enables us to provide you with almost unlimited options when it comes to creating unique packaging designs, but it also lets us design, manufacture and deliver custom bottles and jars in as little as 6 to 12 weeks.

From 0% to 100% recycled PET

Sustainibility standards

Most common raw materials used in the process of manufacturing plastic bottles and jars are virgin and recycled PET, but PET PAK is one of the few companies with the technology that allows us to manufacture packaging with any mixture of the two.

If you're looking to reduce your impact on the environment, you can take the 100% recycled PET route instead of 100% virgin, or any percentage in between — all depending on your needs and the needs of your products.



Recycled PET


Virgin PET

03—Packaging and closure manufacturing

One-step injection stretch blow moulding

  1. Manufacturing process
    Single-step process of our machines allows us to create a wide variety of high quality oval, square, rectangle and round shapes. It also gives us full control of the manufacturing process, as well as the flexibility to manufacture any number of plastic bottles and jars.
  2. Injection station
    Preforms are injected and cooled to below the crystallising temperature of PET. Specialised designs and parameter adjustments can be used to add custom features on finished products and optimise material distribution.
  3. Conditioning station
    Modifying and applying different technologies during this phase gives us the flexibility to optimise preform temperature and maximise the usage of material which results in strong, lightweight packaging that can be molded in a variety of materials.
  4. Stretch Blow Molding Station
    Stretch blow molding and compatible preform designs allow us to create a variety of shapes by simply changing the blow mould within the machine.
  5. Container Take-Out
    Finished packaging is ejected from the lip cavity. Packaging necks and bodies are protected from scuffing or damage to ensure highest visual quality.

We use the latest and most precise electric injection moulding machines to manufacture closures for our packaging. They enable us to make simple screw caps, flip top caps, tamper evident caps, flapper caps, CRC caps, 2K caps and thin walled products with in-mould labelling, as well as a number of other plastic parts.


Ljubo Nadoh

Sealing the package and the products

As a way of providing a better seal between the bottle and the closure, preventing leakage or extending your product’s shelf life, we can add 4 different types of high quality liners into the closures.

Press sensitive liner

PS liners are designed to stick to the rim of the packaging. They ensure that a consumer is the first one to use the product as they need to break the seal when the package is opened.

Expanded polyethylene liner

A foam sheet placed inside the closure that pushes against the rim of the bottle when the packaging is closed. It is available in different thicknesses and fully prevents leakage.

Induction heat sealing liner

IHS liners are sealed on the rim of the packaging using induction heat. These liners are used to hermetically seal the bottles and ensure that the products inside it stay fresh.

Reseal liner

These two-piece foam or board-based liners are inserted into the closure to enable resealing, and they are exceptional at protecting your products against oxygen or moisture.

All liners are customisable — we can add your logo or a custom print, as well as the Lift ‘n’ Peel or Pull Tab functionalities.

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04—Quality control

4.000 measurements per day

To ensure that every bottle, jar and closure that comes off our production lines has optimal quality, the highest level of cleanliness and is safe to use, we conduct manual and machine-based inspections throughout the entire process.

During these inspections, we measure everything — from packaging specifications like volume, weight, thickness and torque, to raw material purity, cleanliness, and the climate conditions within and outside our production plant.

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05—Logistics and delivery

Give us the date, time and location

Once the manufacturing process is complete and your packaging is ready, we can store the shipment in our warehouse for you to pick it up, or we can deliver it to any of your preferred locations within Europe.

Our logistics team will help you streamline your supply chain by ensuring that the packaging is delivered to you at the exact date you need it.


  • ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 9001 ensures that all systems, tools and processes within PET PAK conform to international standards of product quality, consistency, safety and cleanliness.

  • ISO 14001:2015

    ISO 14001 ensures our continuous commitment to minimising the impact on the environment through activities and tech that increase our sustainability standards.

  • BRC Global Standard

    BRCGS ensures that the packaging we manufacture and provide is made according to global quality standards and therefore safe to use by end customers.

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