Colours and additives

Eye-catching, sustainable and protective

You already know how strong of an impact packaging can have on the buying habits of your customers and your brand’s positioning on the market.

We also understand its importance, so when it comes to creating the colour scheme for your packaging, we always make sure to provide you with options that will not only make your products visually stand out, but also come with features that’ll maximize its quality.

Colouring and coating

All of our products can be coloured with a wide variety of pigments — you can choose one from our standard lineup, or we create a unique mix of colours, coatings and effects specifically for your brand.







Professional colour matching

Creating a unified visual style across a lineup of products and packaging sizes is a crucial aspect of your brand’s identity.

As bottles, jars and closures can be coloured with an almost unlimited number of pigment-effect combinations, we will help you bring your packaging concepts to life in an exact colourway you envisioned them in.

During this colour matching procedure, our in-house team of designers and engineers will take you through a step-by-step process of choosing colours, effects, coatings, decorations and additives that will fit your brand, your products, your intended market positioning and the experience you wish to generate.

Protection and preservation

To protect the packaging and ensure that the quality of products placed within them remains unaffected for longer periods of time, we add specialized additives to our packaging during the manufacturing process.

Available additives


Provides packaging with UV protection and prevents the degradation of packaged products that can be caused by ultraviolet light.


Restores plastic clarity and neutralizes the colour cast that comes when using a high percentage of recycled PET material.

Bio-based and eco-friendly

Materials and carriers we use during the process of applying colours and additives onto the packaging can be made from bio-based, environmentally friendly and NIR detectable elements. These options make them safe to use for all products — from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food.

To ensure that all of your bottles, jars and closures are created according to official safety and quality regulations for your industry and products, our team will guide you through the process of choosing exact types of colours and additives.

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