Environmental sustainability

Focused on reducing the environmental impact

Through our sustainability standards and organization of our production plant, as well as the adoption and promotion of recycled PET, we’re focused on moving our entire industry, as well as the industries of our clients and partners towards a green and sustainable future that revolves around giving more to nature than we take from it.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, we are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment, but our goal is to do so much more.

PET PAK sustainability standards

Maximise energy from renewable sources

Investing in new technologies and implementing them into our production plant enables us to take advantage of renewable sources of energy.

Provide options to maximise rPET adoption

Instead of producing only 100% virgin PET or only 100% recycled PET products, we can manufacture packaging with any percentage of recycled PET in it.

Minimise energy consumption

By focusing more on recycled PET, we want to decrease the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our production plant, as well as the ones of our partners.

Achieve 100% recyclability of plastic materials

PET can be recycled numerous times, so our goal is to ensure that no amount of material goes to waste. If we can’t use it, somebody else surely can.

PET PAK production plant

To ensure that our own production plan adheres to the sustainability standards we set for ourselves, we invested in and implemented a number of technologies that makes us more energy efficient.

Smart lighting systems

Solar panels

Electrical car charging stations

Smart ventilation systems

Low energy consumption machine park

Scrap conversion system

Smart heating and cooling systems

Recyclable, re-recyclable, re-re-recyclable

Due to its chemical compounds and physical characteristics, PET is not only extremely effective as a raw material for manufacturing high quality packaging, but it is also very environmentally-friendly as it can be recycled dozens of times.

Advantages of PET over other materials


PET has excellent properties which ensure longer shelf-life for packaged products.


PET can be fully reused, resealed and recycled multiple times.


PET can be easily moulded into various shapes through injection stretch blow moulding.


PET is light which makes it easy and efficient to store and transport.


PET production uses less energy, so manufacturing results in a smaller carbon footprint.


PET is in high supply, so its cost is lower than the cost of other materials.

Virgin PET vs recycled PET

From a quality standpoint, virgin PET and recycled PET are nearly identical. Both are sustainable and fully recyclable, so choosing one or the other will depend fully on the needs of your business — such as your brand values and customer expectations.

Benefits of using recycled PET

Consumes less energy

Production of recycled PET uses 79% less energy than the production of virgin PET.

Minimizes pollution

Large usage or recycled PET means that less and less material is ending up in landfills.

Optimizes resource consumption

Usage of recycled PET decreases the demand and the need to produce new virgin material.

Lowers costs

Consumer demand for recycled PET increases its supply, which leads to its lower costs.

Promotes recycling

Strong acceptance of recycled materials leads to the implementation of new recycling programs.

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